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Tessler Developments LLC has become one of the significant leaders in the real estate development market of New York City.

Tessler Developments proficiency lies in its capability to target desirable geographical areas with solid growth potential, identifying properties with strong conversion capacity, and the ability to bring them to market quickly and efficiently.

Building a company is a lot like the act of building itself, requiring equal combinations of knowledge and intuition, steady plotting interwoven with decisive acts, detailed planning offset by imaginative genius.

Tessler Developments focused approach to real estate is implicit in its portfolio of several billion dollars worth of growth while becoming synonymous with vision, class, and creativity.

Tessler Developments, a New York City based real estate development firm specializes in diverse development projects in New York as well as in the Mid-West. Tessler has completed and is currently involved in a range of successful endeavors include luxury residential condominiums, student housing, schools, medical facilities and commercial properties. Tessler Developments is owned by Yitzchak Tessler, Founder and CEO.

Tessler Developments consistently sets new benchmarks by delivering unique and successful developments, raising the standards for luxury living. With uncanny vision, Tessler projects have transformed neighborhoods.

Amongst the notable residential projects that Tessler Developments has completed are 240 Park Avenue South, 260 Park Avenue South, Windsor Park, 150 Nassau Street, The Textile Building and the Bryant Park Hotel. Tessler Developments’ success is rooted in its ability to set high standards, integrated planning, superior design, thoughtful amenities and attention to detail.

Tessler Developments diverse portfolio includes educational housing facilities such as, 55 John Street for Pace University students and 1760 Third Avenue for LIM students. Schools such the Yeshiva Bnos Bais Yaakov for Girls in Far Rockaway NY, the Torah Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the Center for Jewish Discovery Preschool, New York City are a part of Tessier’s’ philanthropic mission as well. One of its latest successes is the building of the world’s most advanced radiopharmaceutical research and manufacturing facilities in Bronx, NY.

Countless children around the globe have benefitted from his charitable educational endeavors. Building on its history of marked achievements Tessler Developments is poised for successful growth in the future.